Monday, August 5, 2013

What to do on a weekend in town

OK, let's be honest, you may think that there is not much to do in a small city in North Dakota. I can relate to that, as I don't have a lake place and I am not crazy about camping every weekend. But I can assure you that if you look closely you may find yourself busy all weekend with various (and cultural!) activities.
A friend told me that one of the reasons he likes Grand Forks is its lack of clear breakup of social classes. Everyone is able to see the same theater show as well as go to the best restaurant in town and be able to afford it. Tickets to an outside concert at the North Dakota Museum of Art are only $10 and a four course gourmet dinner there costs just shy of 50 bucks. 
Almost every other Tuesday night NDMOA offers outside concerts with free beer or wine (donations are welcome!). You can also treat yourself to a grass fed beef burger or a root beer float. Be sure to bring a blanket or a camp chair! (More information here)
If you keep an eye out on the NDMOA calendar you may just find yourself at a dinner table at the museum on a Friday night. Gourmet dinner with the best selection of wine - your own. Gespacho, beef bourguignon, lamb meatballs, flambĂ© cherries on ice cream - these are just couple examples of the dishes served by chef Justin. If you miss dinner you can always visit the cafe for lunch. (More information about the cafe here). 

On a Saturday morning you may find yourself hungry and bored. Hopefully not hangover enough after the Friday night shenanigans to be able to head downtown to the farmers market. That's my go-to place for eggs, veggies and honey. If you're in a mood for lunch be sure to stop by Amazing Grains for a sandwich, salad or a smoothie. By the way, check out the cheese section. You may find yourself stopping by there prior to your next dinner party. 

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