Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thai me up

 Just look at this deliciousness...
Cold winter days mean rich, comforting foods. It does not always have to be a chicken noodle soup, guys! How about some spicy, easy and super tasty Thai noodles? In search of such recipe I turned to my favorite resource, which lists thousands of recipes from well known sources, such as Southern Living or Sunset Magazines, or my personal favorite, Cooking Light. And may I say, cooking light does not take away from the taste!
The recipe I used can be found here. Although you may notice that it only has 2/5 stars, I assure you that when the right spices are used, it will not be bland! In addition to the listed ingredients, I added some sambal olelek, which is a chili paste and a sriracha sauce, which is a Thai hot sauce made of, again, chili peppers, vinegar and sugar. When I was done sauteing the tofu it was still pretty light in color and soft, but looking back I do wish that I left it in the pan a little longer to create that brown crust on it. All in all, I think this will become a staple on my menu!

PS The clever name of the post is not my creation, unfortunately. It was borrowed from the name of a great restaurant in Jackson Hole, WY where I tried Thai food for the very first time 8 years ago!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Simple salad for a lazy dinner

I am a fan of salads, not the mayonnaise doused potato creations, but the fresh, green, colorful, happy salads. With lox and blueberries.

The best salad dressing I have ever used is the Knorr Salad packets that you mix with olive oil and water. The product is very popular in Europe so I stock up every time that I'm there because it is not offered in the US! fortunately there's always Amazon...