Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday Dinner

I just knew exactly what I wanted to eat on my special day. Little Szechuan in St.Paul offers one of my all time favorite meals, which is the Szechuan Spicy Tofu. After being seated out waitress immediately recognized us from the visit last Fall - "aren't you the North Dakota couple?" - and served us the best food ever.

Fried Szechuan Tofu - for those who can handle a little spice!
Cumin Lamb was delicious and savory. Definitely on my list of "food to order again".
Pork shreds, shrimp, cabbage, tofu and spinach in pork broth was recommended by my friend Boyd and became Jeff's favorite. I concentrated my eating efforts on the Szechuan Tofu, yum!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First grilling of the season

Summer is finally here, so they say,

Time to open up that grill, this sunny day in May.

Luckily, the fridge was full of sausage and kraut,

Tonight we certainly don’t need to go out.

The next day we’ll cook a whole fish with lime,

Now, that’s grilling big time!

The Polish girl and the Cowboy are grilling tonight,

And no, Jackson, you can’t have a bite!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hats and pies

Blessed by creative and fun friends, I spent this weekend in a dress and a hat watching the famous Kentucky Derby Race.

With a mojito in hand...
... and Kentucky Chocolate Pecan pie in the other hand!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Instead of ice cream

Judging from my blog posts you probably think that I am a very unhealthy eater - but that is hardly true! Although I allow myself indulgence quite often, I also do love healthy foods, which are the majority of my diet. There is nothing better than a bowl full of fresh fruit on a sunny summer morning after running.
While visiting my family in Jackson, WY, I was raiding their fridge in hopes of finding something fresh and delicious and I saw something I new I would love.
This yogurt was so good that Melissa and I would eat it instead of a bowl of ice cream for dessert. Now, the honey flavor gave it just enough sweetness to be perfect, but if you mix it with a homemade raspberry preserves it is even that much better!