Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What to eat when traveling

Choosing an inexpensive yet nutritious and tasty meal is certainly a challenge when traveling. Not at the Minneapolis airport! By recently banning McDonald's the airport is transforming into a place where you really can find something good to eat. (I do have to admit though; I love the McDonald's oatmeal as well their coffee- which means a lot coming from a self professed coffee snob- I guess those are my guilty pleasures!) Read about the recent change in the article HERE.
Recently I had a chance to stroll by the G gates and what I discovered amazed me and made my very excited for the next layover. The huge area is filled with fruits and veggies, freshly made sandwiches, hot and cold buffet style meals and yogurts- it will certainly be a planned stop.
One of my favorite places remains Surdyk's. Known for its wines and cheeses, at MSP airport it also offers amazing meals and drinks. Stop by there next time for a bloody and a salad, it is located in the mall area near the Body Shop or the Harley Davidson store. Yum!