Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The favorite meal of my childhood! And so simple to make, too!
Get a piece of good quality bread, I like to use baguettes. I usually put some butter on it for extra flavor, Jeff likes to add some garlic powder. Next, add tomato slices on top of it and at the very end slap some delicious cheese; muenster, some buttery havarti. Bake for a few minutes and broil to get the nice cheesy crunch on top. And voila! A perfect snack or even lunch!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Leek Technique

My mom cooks with leeks (Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum, Latin) quite often, and I think that it is an under-appreciated vegetable. So when leeks are in season I try to make not only my mom's leek and apple salad, but also a delicious Julia Child's Potage Parmentier, or leek potato soup.
The Leek Salad
  • 3 leeks - thinly sliced only the white and the white-greenish part
  • 1 apple - grate on the thick part of the grater
  • Dressing - 1 teaspoon lemon + 1 tablespoon mayo + 1 tablespoon plain or Greek yogurt + salt and sugar to taste.
Combine the simple ingredients and enjoy! Since leek comes from the onion and garlic vegetable family you may notice that the flavor is quite sharp, but I am sure you can handle it! A wonderful variation would also be adding blue cheese for a salad with real character or Camembert for a milder version.
Potage Parmentier
  • 1 lb potatoes - peeled and dices. I don't always peel them; it adds nice coloring.
  • 3 cups leeks - thinly sliced the white and white-greenish part
  • 2 quarts water - I used some or all chicken stock instead. It adds more flavor.
Simmer vegetables about an hour. What you do next is up to you - mashing it, blending with cream or yogurt, adding chives or parsley. Can't go wrong either way!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


This photo was taken last summer when I was just starting clinicals at the local hospital. Although the time seemed to past very slowly then, it actually feels like a blink of an eye now. I am done, passed my boards, got a job and I am ready to start an adult life - once again, after a major career change. Something tells me this was a good choice...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ginarita Summerita

With the latest developments in weather including tornadoes, storms and hot, steamy days, an idea for a new summer drink was born. Combining the freshness of gin and lemon with the sweetness of a margarita mix creates my newest invention - the Ginarita!
Here is goes: 1 part Hendricks gin, 1 part triple sec, 1 part freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 part soda water, 2 parts margarita mix. Instructions: combine ingredients, sit on the deck in the late afternoon and don't drink too quickly!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy First Day of Summer!

Summer - only THE best time of the year!
Anna's Best Summers Ever List:
Lichen, Poland - the cabin, childhood memories, swimming in the lake, getting ice cream, fishing.
Traverse City, MI - bike rides, cherries, beach, running on the Vasa Trail with Jackson, eating fish for virtually every meal.
At the Lake Lichen, Poland.

Fishing.Getting ready for a flight over the Old Mission Peninsula, MI.
NOT a tropical island! This photo was taken while flying around Michigan's coast!One of my favorite photos - on the way to see Lake Michigan's Sand Dunes.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The wedding season has begun

Today Donny and Kristin were married in a wonderful, little, wooden church on one of Minnesota's beautiful lakes.

After the couple drove off, I found a new friend when exploring the area.
Film stars attended the event.
Some of them did not want their picture taken.
And after eating a delicious and cleverly designed cake, we danced all night.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Pulled Pork Party

After riding the tractor around the gravel roads on a warm summer night, I was ready for some deliciousness. Good thing Jacob was around, this guy knows how to cook! Pulled smoked pork sandwiches with a home-made vinegar BBQ sauce and coleslaw were the hit of the night, although Leslie's rhubarb bar was also my favorite. No photos of the bar unfortunately, it disappeared from my plate too fast. This only means that Leslie better make that dessert again!
Work it!Jacob proudly displaying RC cola alongside his plate.