Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What is in in? Butter!

Watching "Julie and Julia" this weekend immediately made me want to be a pro in French cooking. Not so easy!
Since the film featured the Beef Bourguignon (try pronouncing that!) I thought I would show off my super chef skills.. I found the recipe online here and begun. How hard can it be?
Oh, it can!
The instructions were very involved; it called for putting in and taking out the beef from the oven several times, at different temperatures, while cooking the vegetables. After a glass of wine I gave up, or rather made it the "Anna Way", which is putting it all in the oven and just baking it. It ended up pretty delicious, which makes me wonder; what would it be like if I only made it the correct way, hm?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Polish Party

In the wake of recent tragic events in Poland, I decided to celebrate what Polish people stand for; kielbasa, vodka and fun! I have picked up several sausages from local meat shop L&M Meats, pickled herrings and invited all the fun people.
Plus, the first bon fire of the year!
PS. Thank you for bringing the "Polish Salsa", Sam!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best eggs in the world

If you told me a year ago that eggs from free range chickens were different that those from the store I would call you bluff. My attitude has changed since we started getting fresh eggs from a friend. Some eggs are different in color and shape, but they all have a large, orange yolk, and I promise they taste different.
When I worked in a cafe in Traverse City, MI, I would peel hard boiled eggs for salads and was always annoyed by how difficult it was to remove the shell, as it would stick to the whites. Now I can appreciate it because I know it is a sign of the freshness. How easy are your eggs to peel?