Sunday, February 3, 2013

Must have Moussaka

I love all things eggplant. When we were in college Jeffrey used to make an eggplant parmesan bake that I absolutely loved. For some reason we haven't made it for a while but recently the good old friend visited our tables again.
Moussaka is traditionally made with meat, such as lamb. It's eaten in Mediterranean countries; in some as a cold dish and in some as a hot one. I would definitely recommend eating this dish hot!
Since I haven't been cooking with meat for a while now, I am always on a lookout for vegetarian recipes or I simply skip the meat or add something else instead of it. Easy for me - this recipe was already designed vegetarian with bulgur instead of lamb. If you haven't heard of bulgur, it is a very healthy grain that is pretty rich in fiber.
The recipe is from Cooking Light and you can find it online HERE. I only used 2 eggplants, actually. One mistake I made, which you can probably tell from the photos is that I poured the Bechamel sauce BEFORE I arranged the final layer of eggplant, which made it look pretty but the edges of it became hardened during the baking process. Regardless, it disappeared from our plates pretty quickly!