Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hay Ride!

The day has finally come! I have purchased a pair of cowboy boots for this exact reason, and borrowed a cowboy hat from a friend. Now I feel like a real cowgirl and ready to go on a hay ride!
We started at a friend house with delicious snacks of Hay Ride Chili, garlic bread, brownies and many more! Two very special dishes were also present; Bigos, or Polish meat and cabbage stew that was cooking for a whole day, and smoked meat roll-ups. After the feast we took a tour of the country neighborhood in the hay ride, and continued to a country bar in the nearest town. It was a fun night!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The green pasta

My cousin Aga is an artist and tends to think like an artist when preparing food. She does not use written recipes, rather she creates the meal using her imagination. Featured tonight was a green pasta made of pesto and arugula, which added a little spiciness to it. Arugula is very popular in Italy, where Aga travels to often and I am sure the travels inspire her cooking quite a bit. Italian Lavazza espresso followed the dinner and later that night we shared grandma's plum cordial.