Friday, February 6, 2009

My Cousin the artist

My cousin's birthday is coming up and I thought I would celebrate it by posting couple pictures of her art. I never knew she could paint like this and I wish I were artistic, unfortunately drawing stick figures and taking pictures is the extend of it. My cousin's major in college has nothing to do with art, yet she creates these in her spare time. Last Christmas I was visiting Warsaw, where she lives and she made us really delicious desserts that she learned on one of her trips to Italy. We sat around for a while and talked about going to the Old City of Warsaw, but we ran out of time. I have never actually visited the tourist part of Warsaw yet, which is in my plan of my next trip. I especially like the first painting, it reminds me of so many stories we had read as kids in school. This is exactly as I imagined the villages where the heroes of the stories lived... Anyway, Aga, the coffee and dessert were great and I really enjoyed looking at your art!