Sunday, August 4, 2013


Recently we had an opportunity to go to New York City. Since I have never been there, I was very excited to see the city that never sleeps. I was looking forward to eating all the ethnic food my little heart desires. And all the sites of course...
Our first night Jeff and I ventured all the way to the next block to a little Turkish cafe named ABA on W 57th St. 
One common rule between some cafe's in large cities is the BYOB custom. Often little restaurants cannot afford a liquor license or there are limits of the ones the city issues. In such cases you're more than welcome to bring a bottle of wine (or two), at times even without a corking fee but with a complementary bucket of ice to keep it cool. 
Although not a big meat eater, I made an exception tonight and enjoyed lamb meatballs. Jeffrey's meal was fantastic- lamb in a mixture of eggplant and cheese. I don't have a picture of it, perhaps it disappeared too quickly.

I like to enjoy a cup of coffee after my meal, especially a quality Turkish coffee. 
BTW- "lezzetli" means delicious in Turkish. I hope, because I don't actually speak Turkish. But oh it was. 

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