Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to travel with your giant lab

Usually we don't take Jackson on 16 hour road trips to Jakson Hole, WY (wait, is his name a coincidence? Um, no). Usually we don't take such long road trips either. But since this time we decided to drive, our almost 10 year old 100 lbs lab wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

        So, here are some tips on how to travel with your pup: 
1. Buy a Subaru Outback. They are dog approved. I'm sure you've seen the cool commercials. 
2. Frequent breaks. That's the most my dog had a chance to pee in a 16 hour period. 
3.  If you're stopping somewhere for the night, invest in Rock Stars, Monsters and other highly caffeinated drinks as you most certainly will not get any sleep with a dog irritated by the unknown noises. I guess a whole day of rest in the car provided him with the energy to growl and jump off and on the bed ALL NIGHT LONG...
4. Whatever you're eating - your dog will make sure he's eating it, too. Otherwise you're risking you're shoulder to be drooled on. A LOT. Oh yeah, that reminds me, make sure that you have plenty of napkins. People with teething children - please know that that's child play (no pun intended) until you encounter a hungry overgrown Labrador. 
5. When you get to your destination you owe your pup a loooong walk. 

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